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Pitch Black Review: Does This Supplement Boost Your Energy?

Sleeping can be difficult, especially if one is on duty, has young children, or simply finds it hard to get comfortable. Men over forty years might develop conditions such as low testosterone, energy, and performance, hence their quality of life and self-esteem. Do you experience this as well?

Discover Restful Sleep—Order Pitch Black Now

Pitch Black is a revolutionary supplement that aids in falling asleep and waking up refreshed, ideal for boosting testosterone. Its herbal blend enables deep rest and energizes you to engage all night fully and hit the gym. Embrace a fresh start each morning with Pitch Black and leave sleepless nights behind to unveil the best version of yourself.

What Is Pitch Black?

Pitch Black is crucial for men over 40 to achieve restorative Anabolic Sleep by focusing on “Catabolic Sleep,” boosting testosterone secretion and combating tiredness. 

This formula contains natural additives like Tart Cherry for enhanced sleep, Magnesium for testosterone and muscle repair, glycine, Lemon Balm, Lavender, and more. 

Manufactured in a USA FDA-registered facility, Pitch Black ensures quality ingredients for safety, aiding in regaining vitality and confidence.

Boost Your Energy With Pitch Black

How Does Pitch Black Work?

Pitch Black fights what is also known as ‘Catabolic Sleep’ supporting ‘Anabolic Sleep’ which is crucial in rebuilding testosterone, muscle recuperation, and overall well-being. The natural mix consists of Tart Cherry, Magnesium, Glycine, Lemon Balm, and Lavender, helping to deliver a restful night's sleep. 

Tart Cherry is involved in sleep and melatonin regulation, Magnesium helps in relaxation, Glycine and Lemon Balm improve sleep quality, and Lavender helps in increasing blood circulation for better recovery. 

Using Pitch Black nightly helps your body prepare for muscle repair and hormone manufacturing that directly pertains to muscle synthesis, fat loss, and libido rejuvenation, making you well-rested for the next day.

What’s Inside Pitch Black?

Tart Cherry

This sleep-optimizing solution will ensure that the natural sleep hormone melatonin is balanced and thus you will be able to fall asleep easily and also remain asleep. It also facilitates muscle building, especially at night, and aids in muscle regeneration to make you wake up in the morning with lean muscles and all refreshed.


Indispensable for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system it is vital for the relaxation of the human body and for the exclusion of the stress factor that results in quality sleep. It also controls the production of melatonin and raises GABA, thereby boosting the integrity of the nerves and helping you gain adequate rest.


Scientifically shown to increase super-compensation within the muscle, leading to increased testosterone and growth hormone, muscle increase in size, strength, and power. Glycine also acts as a mild warming agent by reducing the core body temperature hence helping you have a better sleep and wake up feeling fresh.

Lemon Balm

It is popular for gaining night sleep and waking up with force and high energy since it increases sleep efficiency.


Appreciated as a way through which circulation is improved hence leading to better muscle pumps. Chamomile makes falling asleep easier and lets wake up being fully energized and without stress and nervousness.

Discover Restful Sleep—Order Pitch Black Now

Customer Reviews

I have been using Pitch Black for the last three months, and I find these products help me a lot with my freedom from sleep disturbances and lethargy. I begin the day well rested and in a good mood which prepares me well for my workouts. I have found it very helpful in ensuring that I continue exercising as it has been a great help in reminding me of my schedule. -Tom Henderson

With the help of Pitch Black, I have come to know the true meaning of night. I woke up troubled for many years because I was very active with work and other issues. I never used to get proper sleep and get up full of energy for work, but since the start of Pitch Black, it has changed for the better. That’s exactly how everyone feels when one starts a new life and I feel the same for the first time. -Mark Stephens

After I began using Pitch Black, mornings later have never looked better to me. It does as advertised for me: the natural ingredients are good and I sleep like a baby and have wake-me-up energy in the morning. In addition, gym performance enhanced lately. I highly recommend it! -Gary Newman

Achieve Deep Sleep, Choose Pitch Black

Pros & Cons

What We Like?

  • Natural Ingredients: It does not contain artificial ingredients such as chemical compounds and has some natural ingredients like Tart Cherry, Magnesium, Glycine, Lemon Balm, and Lavender; therefore, making it safe and with few side effects.

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Used to enhance the quality of sleep and, thus, facilitate objectively superior Anabolic Sleep.

  • Supports Testosterone Levels: All the aforementioned statements may help, particularly the claims about increasing testosterone, which can enhance desire, muscles, and energy.

  • Easy to Use: Package in a powdered form that is soluble in water and the mixture is taken at night.

  • Positive Testimonials: Many customers state multiple benefits which include better sleep, an increase in energy levels, and overall better performance.

What We Dislike?

  • Requires Daily Use: Should be administered before bedtime, which might not be conducive for a lot of people.

  • Individual Results May Vary: Of course, among the numerous customers’ testimonials, it is also possible to come across many defects, therefore, the result depending on the individual characteristics of the organism may differ significantly.


Pitch Black is developed for the male audience who are beyond forty years old, and who have such problems as night wakefulness for example. Thanks to scientifically-backed natural additions such as Tart Cherry, Magnesium, Glycine, Lemon Balm, and Lavender, it aids sleep, testosterone, and well-being.

 In this way, it supports the advertised Anabolic Sleep in terms of muscle repair, energy replenishment, and hormonal regulation, which is quite suitable for regaining strength and confidence. High ratings show that Pitch Black is sufficiently credible. 

Wake up refreshed and feel more energized in the morning using Pitch Black. Buy now and begin the path to thinking about the morning, wake up fresh.

Wake Up Refreshed—Get Pitch Black Today


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