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The Genius Wave (Theta waves Reviews) CUSTOMER REVIEWS & WARNINGS (2024 UPDATE) TRUST WORTHY?

Smart Work not the Hard Work, theta waves are designed to make us smarter and sensible allowing living a fulfilling life.

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How do you use the genius Audio Wave program?

You just have to listen to the program for at least 7 minutes a day. Do not skip a day. Take your headset/earphones. Sit in a quiet room. Close your eyes and focus on the theta waves’ neural oscillation. Stay relaxed.

Wear loose-fitting clothes and try to avoid stress.

Pros and Cons of using Genius Wave

Can boost creativity

May aid in wealth manifestation

Can boost confidence

Improves learning power

Economic price

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Cons of using Genius Wave

It may not work for everyone

Requires continuous listening for at least 60 days

Skipping a day may affect the progress

Comparing Genius Wave with Billionaire Brainwave!

Let’s start with the similarity: both of these programs are using the theta waves to help men and women succeed in life. The major difference is the wealth creation and creativity. While genius allows you to be calm and creative, the billionaire brainwave program allows you to be more active toward wealth manifestation.

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